Public Company Programs

  • Development of differentiated and compelling messages which support corporate valuations and overall positioning
  • Effective shareholder and analyst targeting and outreach, focusing on finding the ‘right’ investors for each client
  • Seamless management of quarterly earnings, including drafting quarterly earnings releases, conference call scripts and Q&A
  • Deal and non-deal road show preparation and management
  • Comprehensive perception surveys designed to uncover the tangible and intangible attributes influencing investment decisions

Through a combination of these efforts, Tier One designs, develops and executes cost-effective programs which engender the greatest value for our public clients and their shareholders.

Summary of Services:

  • IPOs and follow-ons
  • Exchange listings
  • Investor presentations
  • Disclosure & guidance policy
  • Quiet period
  • Shareholder targeting
  • Road show presentations
  • Perception audits
  • Press releases
  • Earnings calls
  • Earnings cycle planning
  • Annual reports
  • Annual meeting planning
  • Corporate profiles
  • Stock splits
  • Dividend policy
  • Proxy contests
  • Crisis communications